Career mum: Juggling work and family – 5 ways to make it awesome


by Christine Tylee, consultant with The Body Shop At Home

When juggling the responsibilities of work life and being a mum, sometimes it seems impossible to keep all the balls in the air. Finding a balance between work and family is hard, but here are some strategies to help along the way.

  1. Schedule ‘me-time’

No matter how busy the day may be, it’s important to take time for yourself. Take a break from your desk and go for a walk – the fresh air will help to clear your mind. After the kids go to bed at night, try and have a relaxing bath and hide away for a short while, or why not read a book to relax and recharge. Making time for the small things will leave you feeling calmer, more energetic and who knows, you might even find yourself laughing more throughout the day.

  1. Set your working hours

Don’t feel guilty for not answering a call or responding to an email and set an example by breaking out of the workaholic culture we create for ourselves. Insist on taking time for yourself and your family by leaving at a realistic time and switching off from work at the end of the day. Turn your computer off whenever possible, and avoid dividing your attention between your work and family when you’re at home.

  1. Delegate

Don’t be afraid to delegate! As a mum, your list of daily tasks is never ending, so if you can outsource some of it. Whether it’s to a cleaner for a weekly spruce up of your house, a teammate to help you out on that project, or your mum to take the kids for an hour or two so you can take a nap, call on your support network whenever it starts to get too much!

  1. Treat yourself

Spoil yourself with a treat every now and then – go on, you deserve it! Juggling work and family is tough, but contrary to popular thinking, it’s ok to recognise this and to spoil yourself when you need it. Head out for some retail therapy or invite the girls over for some cheeky cocktails.

  1.  Turn your home into your office

If the daily routine of commuting to work isn’t working for you, then wave it goodbye. Gain extra time with your family by working from home. It requires motivation and persistence, but by setting yourself daily or weekly goals you’ll enjoy newfound flexibility, and reap the benefits of spending extra time with your family.


Christine Tylee is a consultant with The Body Shop At Home™. Through managing a successful multi-million dollar business and a family of three, Christine has become a master at organisation, setting goals and making time for herself. For more information about joining The Body Shop At Home™ or holding your own ‘VIP spa experience’, please visit:


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