Do you ever feel like it’s Groundhog Day? Inspiration for change!

DO YOU EVER FEEL LIKE ITS GROUND HOG DAY: Here’s inspiration for change!

by JobFlex


Do you feel like your work life is one endless ground-hog day? Want to get off the mouse-wheel and make a career change or start your own business but not sure if you can do it, where to start or simply just need inspiration? JobFlex is to the rescue….We asked a range of different people, from all different walks of life, who have recently made a career change for their story:


I went from working fulltime in hospital Human Resources to creating and running my own vintage coffee caravan. I now attend markets, high teas and vintage inspired weddings / events throughout South East Queensland. My business is called Dolly Vardens.  I made the change because like many mums, after the birth of my 3rd child, I realised that going back to full time work would see me paying out most of my wage in childcare fees. I earn less now but work less as well. However, I am more passionate about what I do and get far more enjoyment out of it than I did from my HR job. I don’t plan on returning to work in a full time environment until my 2.5 year old is in middle primary at least.  Vanessa Hall (Dolly Vardens)

 I trained as a social worker and until I had my first child, I worked as a full time hospital social worker and I really enjoyed it. After the birth of my second child, I became very interested in health, natural pregnancy and birth. I was worried by many of the pregnancy and new baby products available on the market and their potential toxicity and side effects. I decided to embark on creating my own skin care company, where all products were completely natural and had minimal impact on the environment, on families and on animals. Ayana Organics was launched in 2009 and is now stocked in many places around Australia – Sam Crosby (Ayana Organics)

I qualified as a chartered accountant in 1994 and worked here and overseas in the corporate sector as an accountant. Having worked as an independent contractor for many years, I felt that the time was right to create a different working environment for myself. I needed to expand my horizons, use the more creative right hand side of my brain and introduce more flexibility into my working week. Last year I decided to step back from accounting and study formulation chemistry in order to teach myself the art of making great skincare. I now handmake and sell natural skincare via a brand I developed from scratch, Nikki T Skincare. At the moment I sell online only but am in talks with other businesses to link up and provide products. My goal is to organically and ethically increase brand awareness and sales to the point where I can exclusively work on my business. My products are available HERE  – Debbie Taylor (Nikki T Skincare)

I’ve actually made two career changes in the last decade(wow! barely realized that until just now). About 9 years ago I left the corporate world(I was an engineer and computer consultant) to explore the life of real estate investment. What a wild, terrific and terrifying ride that was! And about five years ago I believe I found my true calling as a yoga teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner. The difference in how I spend my days is like chalk and cheese now in every way, mental, emotional and in many ways even physical. If there’s anyway that my story can inspire people to take that leap whatever it may be, I can confirm that a change(even if it’s only the first step of what might turn out to be many, can provide the much needed perspective to get you closer to where you really want to be) – Chara Caruthers

My name is Anya and I am a jewelry designer and maker.  I initially qualified and worked for many years as an optometrist in England. One year, in a deep mid-winter, after one too many two hour rainy commutes to work, I decided to take drastic actions and move somewhere sunnier and more suited to creative work… And so the ClearDesignStudio has been born. I relish the luxury of being involved in the design, manufacture and retail of all my jewelry. Handcrafted, unique, one-off pieces, made from best quality materials, classically beautiful but with a quirky, modern twist. The distinctive and stylish pieces stand out for their imaginative use of colour and striking finish. The perfection of each one is reliant on the use of outstanding materials, impeccable workmanship and scrupulous attention to detail. The end result is effortlessly sophisticated jewelry –Anya , Clear Design Studio 

I was previously an air-conditioning mechanic, but my fiancé had always been in the food and beverage industry. We were looking for a change and a challenge, and got to the point where we felt we were hitting our heads against the wall working for an employer; then we stumbled across Cold Rock. This way we’re running our own business, but we have the support of an established brand and its networks. My fiancé does the day to day running of the North Lakes store, and we have just recently purchased a second Cold Rock store at Caloundra, which my mother runs day to day. Between the two stores we employ over 20 staff, mostly casuals. We had in-store training and we got to know some of the other franchisees, and everyone was very helpful. The way I look at it, we bought into a brand and it’s the brand that gets people in the door. If we opened up as something else with the same concept, I don’t think we would do anywhere near the trade. – James Hay,
 Cold Rock Franchisee 



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