Run your own business from home: Good idea?


by JobFlex

Running your own business at home is becoming increasingly popular for Australians. According to the website, nearly one million people in Australia are running a home based business.

Below we have listed some positives:


You are able to choose your hours. This will lead you to be able to have the perfect work life balance you are looking for. This would benefit you if you have other work commitments you need to attend to or personal commitments; looking after small children or other family members. Some people are worried about how many hours they work. By being your own boss and working at home the balance between work and family is yours to manage. Therefore, you can achieve the greatest level of work/life satisfaction and productivity.

Everybody wants to… Save Money!

Great! Working from home you do not need to sign a lease on an office space plus more! Also, you do not need to pay for employees, transport and other miscellaneous expenses.

Ability to… Create!

Running your own business from home will give you a great sense of achievement. You are able to take your skills and challenge yourself to expand! You will be taking on the responsibility of running your own business, managing customers, allocating cash flow and much more. Your hard work will give you strength to grow your business.

McCrindle Research Summary 2013 stats show that 45% of people who had taken part in the survey enjoy most about working from home was the flexibility. 25% enjoyed creating a work life balance to enjoy life more. 15% enjoyed working undistracted and 12% enjoyed being able to take care of their kids at home. The other 4% includes other factors such as decreased computer stress, lower travel costs, being able to work in solitude and being their own boss.

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