STOP THINKING – TAKE ACTION: What to do when redundancy hits


by Steve Gray, known as “The Leadership Guy”


Being made redundant or facing a redundancy is tricky . Often people go into some form of denial, “It wasn’t my fault” or they try to justify it with “Those idiots don’t know a good employee when they see one…” and so on.

I guess this is some sort of grieving period people go through. Yes it’s tough, you are not the only one and  you won’t be the last either. You can sit and wallow in self pity or realise it’s time to take action and get the ball rolling.

The challenge seems to be knowing what actions to take. At first the lure of having a break seems good (yet while taking a break from working you will probably be stressed thinking about ‘the future’ and as you get older cliches like “oh it’s harder when you get over 45” start to ring in your head.

Having been in this situation more times than I care to mention it’s probably fair to say that some action is better than no action. It also stops ‘well meaning’ people from telling you what to do. I have seen people take quick action and have a job to go into within a few hours of being made redundant (good connections and a buoyant job market can do that).

The minute you know (or even think) your current job is gone is the time to make a start. A simple plan can make a solid difference to how things turn out. It might evolve out of some questions

  • Do I want the same job?
  • Can I do a different job?
  • Is any job better than no job?
  • Is it okay to retrain?
  • What do recruiters and employers look for in an employee these days?
  • Is my resume up to date and in a suitable format?
  • Who are the Employers I might work for and how can I make contact with them?
  • How much do I need to earn?
  • Is it ok to take a lower job and keep looking for the ideal job?
  • What would my ideal job be?
  • Who do I know in other businesses who may be able to help me find work in that business?

Based on the questions you can now start to take action, simple questioning can lead to goals (small, large or otherwise a goal is better than nothing!) Now prioritise your goals – Resume first, check out Employers second, figure out who I can ask about jobs… Now you have a plan starting to take shape.

All this activity leads to having greater flexibility in how you face your new challenge of finding work. You can say “Oh woe is me” or you can say “Woah! opportunity rocks!” The more positive one will generally give you more energy and the ability to take solid action.

The next challenge is keeping the momentum going, the more you apply your self the more you will be able to explore and find opportunities, approaches, methods and options to suit your needs.

By no means do I ever suggest that any of this will be easy, especially if you have never been in this sort of position before. There are ways forward, there are answers to challenges and there are people willing and able to help you get good results. Armed with a plan of action and then implementing it is a great way to start.


Steve Gray is known as “The Leadership Guy”, writing business, Job Search and visual arts related articles for a number of Blogs. He shares his knowledge through, articles, Seminars, Conventions, Workshops and Training sessions

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