The perfect hospitality resume: 8 attention-capturing secrets


by JobFlex


Two words – Customer Service. Straight away, you have the hospitality employers’ attention. We are here to help you make your resume shine above the rest and call out to all hospitality employers.

Hospitality companies care about their customers; they also need you to feel the same. You need to look through and see what skills the employer is looking for as these vary from receptionist staff to kitchen staff.

On the resume, note what you can offer the company. Here are some key words you should have on your resume which will no doubt impress the employer.

Customer Service – All hospitality companies are looking for this on your resume. After all, hospitality is all about Customer Service. Explain on your resume why customer service is important to you and explain how you treat customers.

Team Player – It doesn’t matter what role in the hospitality company you apply for, you are always working as a team. Explain on your resume how important being a team player is and note down past experiences.

RSA – In NSW, hospitality industries will look for candidates who have a RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) photo card, depending on what job you are applying for. This would be for a role which involves selling alcohol. It would be an advantage to note this on your resume, however if you have not completed a RSA course, note on your resume you will as soon as possible.

Flexible – We all know hospitality industries do not have the most sociable working patterns. Hospitality industries expect you to work early, late and weekend shifts. Let the employer know you are fine with this! Explain on your resume how you are flexible and reliable you are.

Able to cope under pressure – Working in hospitality industries can, and most likely will, be fast paced. It is important for you to cope under pressure. Explain on your resume previous experiences working and how you coped under pressure. It would be a good idea to add “multi-tasking” too!

Polite and Friendly – Note on your resume how polite and friendly you are! First impressions are very important but these need to last. You will most likely see the same customers all day and you need to remain happy and polite. You are representing the company; customers need to see they have friendly people working for them.

Communication Skills – The hospitality employers will be looking to see if you have excellent communication skills. You will be talking to customers and other staff members most of the time. It is important you are able to communication correctly. You will be explaining to customers all sorts of things! Also you will have messages for staff members. This is a must for your resume.

Well Presented – First impressions are important! Yes, we have said this a lot. Hospitality companies look for clean, well presented staff. Customers do not want to see dirty, scruffy staff. Would you? Let the employer know on your resume you are well presented and why it is important.


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