The perfect resume – 5 tips you won’t forget!


by Kylie Micallef


Your resume is not only the key to obtaining interviews, but your ONLY chance at the job you are wanting to secure! As a representation and introduction of yourself to recruiters and potential employers, it is vital that you have your resume in the best shape possible. Benefits of having the content, layout and presentation of your resume right, include: standing out from other applicants, ticking the reader’s boxes quicker than other candidates and finally, coming across as the ideal candidate for the job.

Some of my top tips for creating the “perfect” resume are as follows:

Top 5 Tips:

  1. Always have your name and contact details positioned clearly at the top of your resume. Address is not essential, however a mobile phone number and email address is.
  2. Ensure that the layout of your resume is flows – i.e. have everything in an order that is easy to read, as well as in order of relevance to the type of job you are applying for. For example, if qualifications and industry memberships are essential, then they must appear on the front page. After this, you can start on other areas of your resume such as skills or employment history.
  3. Include a ‘Career Summary’ – this is purely a list of your jobs including the dates of employment, position title and employer. A career summary provides the reader with a quick ‘snapshot’ of your career, as well as a feel for your employment experience without having to read through all the details
  4. In your employment history, do not go into detail (i.e. responsibilities) if the job is older than 10 years old or not relevant to the roles you are applying for; a succinct summary is sufficient.
  5. Presentation – it is imperative that your resume is presented professionally, and in a manner that makes your resume stand out amongst others. You can do this without using colours and decorative fonts– consult a professional resume for some ideas and advice.

The ‘Don’ts’!

  1. Whilst some personal details are important (i.e. name, phone number and email address), most of them are not relevant at the resume stage. For instance, you should not include your date of birth, nationality, religion or gender unless it is relevant to the jobs you are applying for
  2. No photos!Unless you are applying for a modelling, acting or other position where your appearance is important, your resume is not the place for photos!
  3. Spellcheck, Spellcheck, Spellcheck!!There is sometimes nothing worse than reading through a resume where there are spelling and grammatical errors!
  4. Try and keep your resume to a maximum of 4 pages(unless you are a senior level executive with years of experience)
  5. Ensure that your resume is not too colourful! It is not a piece of art, it is a sales document (again, unless you are applying for a job where it is necessary to be artistic)

 Kylie Micallef is passionate about assisting people in achieving their career aspirations.  She strongly believe that one of the most important steps in people securing their ideal position is having a powerful resume, hence the reason she established Rewarding Resumes. 


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