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A career in marketing can take you into a multitude of different directions.  From Market Research, to Communications, Digital Marketing , Social Media Marketing, Brand Management, Direct Marketing , Advertising to Public Relations.   The Marketing Industry in Australia is continuing to evolve, develop and grow primarily due to the growth in the digital marketing arena – this area has seen an explosion of new marketing sub-specialities, all which are sure to experience demand over the coming years.

Considering a career change and want to work in the marketing industry? Want some insider information on the realities of working in the industry? We asked a range of marketing professionals for their advice!


General Marketing

What I like the most is that marketing is one of the rare industries where there is a very fine line between being creative and strategic. One minute you are working on branding another minute you are working on a marketing plan. It’s a very misunderstood industry in the sense that people think marketing is getting a website when in reality marketing is everything – it’s very integrated.

I believe there is good career progression for people with a strong commercial vision, they are the ones who will climb the ladder fast in the industry.

My advice to job seekers is have a point of differentiation when you attend an interview – if you are competing on qualifications alone – you have already lost the game. Whether that is personality, attitude or passion – it’s time to be more authentic. Marketing requires fast decision making, ability to adapt to change and creativity.

From my perspective the industry is too under – regulated. Anyone can call themselves marketers these days – however knowing how to do a logo doesn’t make you a marketer. As a marketer myself, I only strive to employ people with the right qualifications but more important with business flair. I wish the industry was more regulated and more stringent on what makes one a marketer. In the US, it’s very common to invest the majority of a budget on marketing and revenue generating activities, Australia in that sense has a long way to go.

Sharon Latour – Founder and CCMO, Marketing Bee

I love working in Marketing as it is constantly changing. I’ve worked in Media and Marketing for nearly two decades, and marvel at the change I’ve seen during this time. 

There certainly is good career progression in the industry. There are so many areas of Marketing to explore: Consumer Marketing is quite different to B2B marketing; Database analysis and Direct mail require different skills to Advertising Campaigns, Search Engine Marketing and Public Relations. The one commonality is understanding your audience.

My advice for job seekers is to self-educate. What I learnt at University in the 1990s is mostly out the window now. Every day I learn more about Marketing. All of us Marketing people working in the digital space are chasing the latest trends in social media usage, changes in Google algorithms, changes in how customers want to receive our marketing messages, as well as the myriad of tools that are surfac ing in response to the shift from old to new media. If you don’t like change, Marketing is not a good career for you.

Marketing is increasingly focussed on content generation and dissemination. Marketeers are becoming the new publishers. So qualifications in writing and journalism will stand you in good stead for a career in Marketing. Other desirable skills relate to creating visual content. So if you know your way around design software that’s a bonus. You also need to be able to adapt to new technology. Many experts are predicting that the Marketing Director’s IT budget with soon exceed that of the IT Director’s.

Social Media Marketing in particular is a fascinating area. One thing to remember is it’s so fast-paced, and that no one knows everything. So jump in and give it a go.

Bec Manjra – Manager Web, Social Media & SEO, GRA Supply Chain Consultants


Public Relations

I love the pace and the social nature of working in PR and Marketing and discovering new products and ideas as they make their way to the public. I get to meet some very cool people and help them with what they do.

A career in PR and Marketing is what you make you need to take the opportunities presented to you and rise to the challenge when it is offered it is a great career to be in and always moving, changing and progressing.

My advice to job seekers in the industry is to grab all opportunities with both hands! If you can become an intern learn from leaders in the industry and show you are willing to do!

Embrace what you do and you will find the client base that is right for you and that you can excel in. PR is all about relationships so make sure you create some good ones. And if you want to know more connect with me and ask!

Linda Reed-Enever – PR, Media + Marketing Consultant and Founder of Media Connections


Social Media Marketing

The area of social media marketing is new, exciting and ever changing. I love researching and developing strategies for my clients and seeing them come to fruition with such outstanding results.
The area of social media marketing  has huge growth for career progression as it is developing so quickly and becoming a significant aspect of every businesses marketing strategy.
My advice to job seekers or people looking to break into the industry is to start as a trainee or intern with a social media expert. There is so much to learn initially but I believe that people who have a natural affinity to marketing will become the leaders in this industry. It has been very much an IT based career but that is changing as you need to have creative flair and the ability to write to really reap the rewards for your clients. Once you know the tools of the trade its time to get creative and put your marketing hat on to stand out from the social media crowd!
Staying one step ahead is vital in ensuring you are getting the best results for your clients. Always researching and developing your knowledge base is key to creating a clear and strong  social media marketing presence.

Kate Mather, Profile Digital Group


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