What is your dream job?


by JobFlex


If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? It’s a tough one… is it the job you have now (hopefully it is!) or one that is slightly left of centre. JobFlex asked range of different people what their dream job is.  It’s inspiring to hear there are many people out there living the dream.

I have the dream job. With my husband we own Plum. We produced beautiful baby and kids fashion. I have always created the ideal job for myself.  I have always owned my own business which has evolved over the years – Everything i have done has taught me something and given me experience that has helped me for my next project/job. I started our doing interior design, then running an art gallery, curating and now helping my husband run our family business –  Eugenie Pepper, Plum

I write stories for a living. The income is nowhere near as high as it would be if I were to work commercially – every day is a financial struggle, but none of these stresses compare to the bliss I feel when I know I’m doing what I was born to do – Dean Bake,Generation End

I have the dream job! As Yelp Brisbane’s fulltime flag-waver (aka marketing and community manager), my role revolves around nurturing the Yelp Brisbane community both online and offline. From sniffing out cool events and happenings, to marketing, local businesses owner outreach, organising monthly events, and even writing a Weekly Yelp newsletter about the latest and greatest Brissy has to offer, I get to spread the word about what Yelp’s all about: connecting people with great local businesses – Lani Pauli,Yelp Brisbane

Ever since the age of 4 I wanted to be a creative entertainer. I am now 22 years old and I am professional tv and film actress who writes scripts and sings – Alivia Austen

About 10 months ago I decided to start a new business that is my dream job, so far things have moved slowly but I am making progress.After 40 years of renovating and trading property I established Style My House – Re-style Re-organise and Re-vitalize your home using the furnishings you already own. I am also the De-clutter Angel who assists client who may have a more serious issue with hoarding –  Jennifer McDonell,  Style My House

 I am working my dream job and have been fortunate enough that has been the case all my life. I am an interior designer. I specialize mainly in retail outlets, but I also do commercial and domestic work. I love what I do and even after 20 yrs, every day is just as exciting and stimulating as back at the beginning. One of the best things about my job is that I create amazing interiors all based around a concept from my own mind and then get to use other people’s money to do it!! I love the people I meet and all aspects of interacting with them. But the main thing is seeing my concept come to fruition. However if I wasn’t doing this, my next job of choice would a gourmet mushroom farmer! – Janet Bailey, Bailey Retail Design

I’m currently working my dream job. I run Waterfalls Cafe in the heart of Tassie’s best National Park, Mt Field. I work almost every day and I love it, I feel lost when I’m not working in the cafe. My wonderful staff are a joy to work with and our customers are all on holidays and in awe of our National Park – all together makes for the perfect working environment – Rachel Power, Waterfalls Cafe

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