Writing an epic mining resume

Writing the perfect mining resume

By John Matthews from The Writing Wizards


Flexible Mining Jobs are one of JobFlex’s most frequently searched keyword term.  Our friends at the Writing Wizards have some excellent advice for preparing the perfect mining resume.

The mining sector is a hot topic at the moment.  Whether you are seeking work as a contractor, many people are targeting this sector and with good reason.  Positions are well paid and work can be completed in blocks meaning you have time home with your family.  It is for this reason that mining positions are highly sought after.  Many people are under the misconception that the mining sector is screaming out for workers.  In some cases they are, however in general there is a whole workforce of qualified, competent and experienced miners out there making it difficult for outsiders to get in.

How you approach the mining sector is important.  When responding to an advertisement in the paper or online you will be competing against experienced and competent miners who will beat you to a position every time.  On occasions companies will advertise for “green” staff who have never worked in the mines before.  Otherwise you can use employment agencies and cold calling to push your case.

So what will make you stand out when applying for mining positions?

Electronic Format:  The majority of positions are advertised and managed on the Internet.  Your resume must be able to match this format.  It must look good when read online and be able to clearly present your information.  Tips include, making sure the font is not too big or small, checking that any attachments do not prevent uploading and keeping colour and presentation in a simple format.

Practical Skills:  Develop and present a skills summary at the beginning of your resume.  This will include the practical skills you can offer, such as plant operation, fabrication, welding and maintenance.  If you have experience in training or in the supervision of staff make sure you mention this at the same time.

Work History:  Clearly present your work history, including years, position and company.  For each position you need to ensure four to five points on the practical, day to day tasks that you have done.  If you are new to the mining sector then think of the tasks you have completed that are both relevant and / or similar.

Referees:  Referees are a vital component to your resume.  This is where a potential employer can verify your capability to perform a certain task.  Think of the role you will undertake in the mining sector and choose people that can verify this.  If you know someone who already works in mining use them as a verification that you can work in that environment.

Safety Safety Safety:  If there is one area mining values above all else it is safety.  If you have undertaken any safety related tasks, have been a member of a committee, completed or followed safety procedures it is essential to include this.  Any aspect of risk and hazard assessment, along with following systems or procedures is important.

Diversity:  Mining companies like to know that if you are finished operating a certain piece of plant you can get out and support trades people or undertake labouring duties.  The more versatile you are the more valuable you could be to the company.

Mining companies are geared to do one thing – production.  The company will want to know, can you perform at your peak for long periods of time and without compromising safety.  You need to show that you can work away from home, follow procedures and perform as part of a multidisciplinary team.  Achieving a position in the mining sector is possible, with persistence and when presenting a professional, focussed and targeted resume.

Best of luck with your job search.

John Matthews from The Writing Wizards has more than 10 years experience in providing direct assistance, coaching and preparation of professional material for jobseekers.  This includes a comprehensive approach to preparing professional resumes, Government applications and interview coaching.  With a background in Government and a successful record in achieving results for clients, John Matthews continues to demonstrate an intimate knowledge of the job market and processes.



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