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Considering a new career? Thinking about making the leap from full-time to part-time employment? Each week JobFlex profiles a member of the community who has jumped into the deep end headfirst and made a significant change to their work life!


Maria Shaflender.

What was your previous occupation?

Senior brand manager at an international cosmetics company in New York.

What is your current occupation?

Student and business owner of True Foods Nutrition.

Brief description of work?

I run cooking workshops which focus on wholefoods and traditional foods like bone broths, lacto-fermented vegetables and gluten/dairy free snacks. I also provide personal consultations in nutrition and health coaching.

What prompted to move from full time to part time work?

Kids! 6 ½ year boy. 4 ½ year girl.  I didn’t believe I could find a part time marketing job which could fit in around my flexible hour requirements. Also, nutrition has been a passion.

Aside from the obvious decrease in hours, how does working part time differ from working full time?

I can work the hours that I want. I can work in evenings if needs be and on weekends when my husband can look after the kids. Flexibility is essential for me.

Are you accessible by phone or email during business hours when you are not ‘working’?

I am. I always answer the phone as I am currently trying to build my business.

Are there any obstacles to overcome with part time work?

Main obstacle is stopping/switching off. With your own business, you are always thinking. When I have a random idea, I get up and quickly write down. The main obstacle is drawing the line between working and family.

What do you enjoy most about working part time?

Flexibility. Being in charge of your own hours and freedom.

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