by JobFlex


“Applying for a sales job is an audition for the job,” says John Klymshyn, author of “How to Sell Without Being a Jerk!: The Foolproof Approach to the World’s SecondOldest Profession”. Klymshyn continues, “It is important to employ sales skills during the application, interview and follow-up process” and at JobFlex we strongly believe the same!

The JobFlex team have put together 4 Hot Tips to help you secure the sales job you want:

Research the company – You should have knowledge on their products and services they provide which can also help you gauge the company’s sales and marketing techniques. Impress the employer by finding out their Unique Selling Proposition. Employers like to know if you are interested in their company!

Tailor your Resume and Cover Letter – Looking for a sales job means that you are enthusiastic, confident and passionate about sales. This needs to come across in your cover letter and resume! Write a cover letter showing you are all these things and that you want to learn new skills and be trained to have knowledge about the company’s product or service. We would highly recommend re-reading the job advertisement and noting down their keywords. Do not forget to mention your relevant experience and keyword matches in your resume including your unique skills that others may not have.   Remember to answer the “Why You?” question on every employer’s lips before they get the chance to ask.

Follow up phone call – After sending your resume and cover letter and waiting a suitable timeframe (we recommend 1-2 days), put on your confidence voice and call the company directly and ask to speak to the advertiser or who is in charge of recruitment (or preferably the interviewer’s name on the job advertisement). Remember, this isn’t a telephone interview however the fundamentals remain.  Inform the employer that you have sent them your resume and cover letter and be polite and friendly on the phone before asking for feedback politely. Your follow up is evidence of your persistence, as less than 3% of candidates do this after sending through a resume, so you will immediately stand out from the pack.

At the interview, ask AND listen too! – Sales people are inquisitive. Ask good questions during the interview, this will show you are interested about the employer. Wendy Weiss, an author and sales coach says “Most sales people talk too much. You should talk 20% of the time and listen the other 80%”.  Remember that almost everything you do before, during, and after the interview shows how you would perform as a salesperson.


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