Tried and tested tips for interviews – reliable and result driven!


by Kylie Micallef


Attending job interviews can be as nerve wracking as a visit to the dentist for some people….. but it doesn’t have to be! Keep in mind, a job interview is also your opportunity to determine whether the job is suitable for you – not just a meeting for someone to determine if you are suitable for the job. Some tips to impress the interviewer are:

Top Interview Tips:

Why are you interested in this position? Know exactly why you are interested in the position you are attending an interview for. Stating that you like the role because it is the type of position you want for example, is NOT ENOUGH. You need to conduct a little research and discover things such as the type of company the role is with, organisational culture, size of company and career development, etc. – all of which can be used in your answer.

How do you believe you can add value to this position? It is imperative that you know how you can add value to the position you are applying for. Whether it is your past experience, skills or education, know the response to this question inside-out before you enter any interview.

Can you please describe the type of organisational culture you believe you will perform the best in? this question is a common question and is used to determine how you work with other people and what type of working environment you are most productive in. If you are unsure of the company details and what their working environment is like, keep your answer broad and state that you are flexible and that you have adapted well to all the environments you have worked in to date (or something similar to this).

Look the piece. It is absolutely vital that you are presented professionally and neatly for any job interview. For instance, if you are interviewing for a position within the corporate world, there are no excuses for not wearing a suit. If you are female, wear your hair back, not too much jewellery and a little make up. If you are male, ensure your hair is neat and that you do not display too many piercings. This may sound tough, but sometimes is is essential!

Why should the interviewer select you for the job? Know exactly how you can add value to the position and how you will fit in with their organisation. Also promote your key skills, ability to learn and commitment – every employer loves commitment

Achievements – achievements are a must. You must have at least two career achievements that you can talk about in an interview. Achievments can be awards received, outstanding feedback from a manager or client, or outstanding results achieved through performing a certain task

STAY FOCUSED – it is extremely important that you stay focused and do not ‘go off on a tangent’ during a job interview. Listen carefully to the question, and answer it directly.

Kylie Micallef is passionate about assisting people in achieving their career aspirations.  She strongly believe that one of the most important steps in people securing their ideal position is having a powerful resume, hence the reason she established Rewarding Resumes.